Family History

This is a page about my family history. My mother has worked hard for several years collecting data on my family tree; so I thought it would be nice to put the info on the internet for everyone to see.

Origin of the Surname Calamari

The name Calamari technically means “Squid.” It comes from an Arabic word “Calam” which can mean “ink.” The Italians called the squid a Calamari because they would use it to make ink for their writing. In the middle ages a “Calamari was a scribe or a copyist. Many Calamari’s worked in Monasteries throughout Italy copying the Bible or transcribing books. A Calamari was a respected profession because it meant you could read and write which was rare in that time.

Great Great Grandpa- Antonio Calamari

– The Patriarch

-First man to reach the United States in my line

-Landed in New Orleans in 1890

-Owned a fruit stand on Carrollton Avenue

-Made enough money to take a ship back to Italy and buy purchase a farm

-Farm featured a stone-built monastery that dates back to the 15 hundreds

-Died in Italy near Piacenzia

Great Grandpa – Giuseppe Calamari

– Back and forth from Italy to New Orleans 9 times

-Owned fruit and candy stand on Carrolton avenue (just like his dad)

-Lost bank savings in the great depression

-moved to Biloxi in 1930 to avoid crime in New Orleans

-Bought and sold real estate

-Died in 1938 at the age of 72

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Grandpa – Henry Calamari

-Born and raised in New Orleans

-Sold fruit and candy with his dad

-owned a dry cleaning business

-Manager of a grocery store

-Dropped out of school in 7th grade

-paid his 3 younger sisters through school during the depression

-Real estate agent

-Created a subdivision in Ansley, Mississippi by dredging canals and providing 20 waterfront lots

-bought and sold real estate

-Moved to Slidell, Louisiana

-Died in 1994


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